About the Brexit compendium

German Trade associations start Brexit compendium

The United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union will have far-reaching consequences on the European economy and society. In this regard, the concrete impact depends on the result of the Brexit negotiations and the possible agreement about the future relationship and therefore cannot be predicted in detail. However, it is certain that the Brexit constitutes a major challenge for everyone involved.

In order to bundle the interests of the German economy and to aggregate as many thematic areas as possible in a reference work, renowned German trade associations have created a “Brexit compendium”. This compendium shall aggregate the position papers of the participating trade associations, covering various industry sectors, and ensure easy access to problem analyses and solution proposals. This way, political decisions-makers shall be supported in finding and assessing relevant topics faster and more easily.

The trade associations contribute their specific topics and expertise to the project. They are independent in terms of content and stay responsible for their topics and publications.